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Some Of Our
Business Customers 


"What can I say, DIY Road Cases made the impossible POSSIBLE! I could never have afforded cases for all of my hand tools and power tools for my mobile auto repair business. Not only that, but the visual effect that it has on my customers really adds to the professionalism of my business."     Jake Hamlin / Auckland, New Zealand

"I had no idea where to begin my case project. Then I found DIY Road Cases. I had no idea what I was doing. DIY Road Cases helped me every step of the way. I had no idea that I could ever build cases that looked like they came off of an assembly line. DIY Road Cases new this all along. Thank you soooooooo much DIY Road Cases!!!!!!! "     Paul Cochran  / Bangor, ME

"I had always wanted these kinds of cases for our trade show stuff. I make custom hand-made dolls and really have needed the protection that flight cases offer when we go to shows, but I just couldn't justify the expense. When I saw this product I figured maybe this was my chance, so I wrote in and got one of the free introductory copies of the DVD. My husband and I built a trunk style case that fit right in the back of our van. I can't believe how easy it was to follow the DVD. There was so much detail that there was no way to mess up. "     Debbie Pastorelli  / Milano, Italy

"I really feel that my cases have made a huge difference in how people see my business. My catering referrals have grown around 30% since I started showing up at events with flight cases. This never would have been possible if I had to purchase manufactured custom cases for all of my equipment."     Chef Carlos Cuevas / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying 

"I had been pricing cases online and sending out requests for quotes from case manufacturers. The case company prices were out of my budget, so I bought an affordable stock size case from an online outlet. After paying an "oversized" shipping fee on this case that was listed as "ships free" I was sadly disappointed by its flimsy construction and cheesy hardware compared to my Anvil case. It looked great in the photos online, but would have been thrashed after two months on the road. So I finally gave DIY Road Cases a try, and built myself a tank of a case for only $30 more than the flimsy affordable case, but over $200 cheaper than any of the quotes I received from case companies! From now on it's DIY Road Cases for all of my future case needs."     Frank Lee Astor / Quensland, Australia

"Obviously if you have the cash to buy custom cases from Anvil, Star, Gator, or other cases companies, and you don't want to be bothered taking the time to build cases, then you don't need DIY Road Cases. But if you are like me, strapped for cash, then this is the greatest thing! I also wanna tell people not to waste their time or money buying these cheaper priced cases that you can find online, like the pedal board case I bought for $99 bucks. What a peice of garbage. It was money wasted for me that I could have used to build my own in the first place. Like lots of other stuff I have read about DIY Cases from other folks, I just wanna thank Larry for such a great concept and such a great staff that returns my phone calls and emails right away."     Hector Navarro / Scottsdale, AZ

"DIY Road Cases has helped me more than any tech support ever has. They provided me with all kinds of support documents and design help during my project. My cases came out prefect and look just like a road case made by any case company. I can't wait to start on my next cases!"     Anken Randine / Suriname, South America

"I have purchased parts from other companies in the past but these guys are the most helpful ever. And their prices can't be beat. They also are great at returning phone calls and emails so fast, even in the evening and on weekends. I wouldn't use anyone else!"     Arthur Sanchez / Amherst, NY

"Do it yourself road cases has got it going on! They have great help tutorials if you have any questions about special cases after you watch their DVD. The always return emails fast and will take your calls any day of the week. Fast and reliable with their orders and best prices anywhere! "     Paul Dillard / Mequon, WI

"All I can say is KUDOS TO JONATHAN!!!! he's the main guy at DIY Road Cases and he will take care of anything regarding your questions and orders, and he knows anything about any kind of case. I would have been lost without his help and expertise. "     Anton Conger / Bristol, UK

"Best instruction, best customer service, best follow-up support, best customer service, best prices, best customer service, best quality parts, best customer service, best tech support, best customer service, best everything, best customer service. Oh yea, and best customer service. "     Chad Addell  / Boise, ID

"Larry's really done a great job with this program. All I can say is WOW! I was tasked with figuring out how to equip a church to be mobile week to week and EVERYTHING had to go in some kind of box to load on the trucks. Not just sound and lighting, but EVERYTHING for Sunday morning. I shopped around and there was no way I could justify the cost of custom cases for things like rocking chairs for the nursery. Let alone, all the cases for my sound gear. Over the years I've built a few work boxes for myself, but nothing close to ATA style. After viewing the demo video, I decided I needed to get this DVD. WOW! After viewing the DVD once, I was drawing and planning out cases for everything imaginable, and building custom cases for all kinds of items. All the while saving a TON of cash! Larry's attention to every detail makes it impossible to screw these up. Even if you're not a carpenter or cabinet maker, you can build some seriously tough and professional road cases by just following the step-by-step instructions. Thanks so much to DIY Roadcases!"   Chris Pyron / Kirk of the Hills - Tulsa, OK

"This video and website is Do-It Yourselfer's dream come true. I'm a multi-percussionist with a wide assortment of exotic drums and percussion instruments. Many of these instruments are fragile, and would be extremely difficult to replace if broken (short of returning to the far-flung corners of the globe from which those instruments were originally procured). I depend on all of these instruments for my purchased it and have watched it numerous times in preparation for the building of my own cases. I found this DVD to be very helpful. I have not built my own case as of yet but I have all the planning done thanks to the Do-It-Yourlivelyhood. None of my instruments fit into any sort of standard cases. But now I can finally build custom cases for all of my instruments; so that I can throw them into the equipment truck when on the road without ever having to fear for their safety. Plus, instead of packing each instrument individually in a hodge-podge of old luggage, cardboard boxes and plastic bags; I can now build a set of cases that project a true professional image."   Brandon Marger / Multi-Percussionist - Hadley, MA

"I've always seen big touring bands that have flight cases, and being a muscian have always wanted them for myself. After getting quotes from several local companies I was in no way able to afford them so I started looking around and I stumbled on to diy roadcases. I bought the video and after watching it was amazed at how easy it really was so i decided to build a few I my own. I can't wait to receive my parts and get started. this is by far the best option available for afordable road cases!"    C raig Dalley - Cheshire Uinted Kingdom

"Some how, while surfing the web, I came across a youtube video on how to make road cases. I was quite shocked to actually find something that showed me step by step how to build these. Once the DVD was released I self Road Cases DVD. I highly recommend it."   Lance Paris / Perth, Australia

"DIY roadcases has been so great in helping me start my road case project. I’ve built a few road cases over the past couple years and have order parts from a couple major case part suppliers. I have never had customer service like DIY roadcases!! There prices beat any price on the world wide web and you still get the same, if not better quality parts. I will be a life long shopper with DIY roadcases and look forward to ordering a ton more stuff for future case projects! Thanks DIY roadcases!" Aaron Mathew / Tyler, TX  

"I was lucky enough to try one of the prototype DVD's and I knew it would be a hit. The detail with which the information is presented leaves nothing to chance. A truly awesome product that has been long overdue."     Kevin Ferguson / San Jose, CA

"I just couldn't afford to buy road cases. When I saw this product I jumped right on it. Now I'll finally be able to ditch the luggage and cardboard boxes and have road cases for all of my DJ gear."     Manuel Gutierrez / Gualdalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

"All I can say is that this is the coolest product that I saw at this year's NAMM Show. After I build cases for my guitars I am going to build one to replace my Craftsman tool chest and cabinet. "     C.J. Stanton  / Calhoun, GA

"I was one of the prototype customers. I built three cases for my coin collection because I travel to about twenty-five coin shows a year. I had never built anything in my life, so I wasn't sure how things would turn out. Well they turned out perfect thanks to Larry's DVD. If I could do it anyone can. "     Paul Cochran  / Bangor, ME

"Here's my testimonial . . . DIY Road Cases ROCKS!!. "     Pamela Calhoun / Montgomery, AL

"DIY Cases has one of the best customer support departments of any vendor I've dealt with online. They return phone calls promptly, and answer emails personally and not with some pre-fabbed crap emails. I recommend them highly to anyone building cases."    Gene Sommers/ Dorchester, Ontario, Canada

"It doesn't matter what kind of case you wanna build, the staff at diy road cases always has an answer or some kind of help document for you. And if they don't already have one they will make one for you. I watched the video and then I wanted to build a complicated case for six guitars. They helped me every step of the way. "     Ike Calhoun  / Roselle Park, NJ

"Part of my shipment was lost when UPS broke the box open along the way but Jonathan at Do it yourself roadcases didn't make me go through all the BS to file a claim with UPS. He sent me the missing parts right away and then he dealt with UPS. He made a bad situation easy for me. "     Susan Lawrence  / Payne, OH




"If you're so much as toying with the idea of building your own road case, DIY's $30 how-to video is worth every penny. The best products these guys sell are 1) Confidence, 2) Hand-holding, 3) Lifting the veil of mystery from those pretty black boxes, and 4) Super-simplified product line for easy shopping. DIY Road Cases is one of those very rare experiences where the product costs what it quotes, and does what it promises."   Todd Webb / Rockville, MD 

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"I want to build case for tools and they help me learn and give me parts to do a job. I was most happy in my case and thank DIY Cases to help me do it. "     Lonnie Dalbert  / Bayern, Austria

"Just a hardy thanks to DIY Road Cases! Building my own case with your help was the best solution I could have hoped for.  I had been looking for quite a while for a case for one older piece of equipment that no one seems to have.  This way I didn't have to settle for a "make do" case.  I built every feature I needed into this case. I'm so excited, because this case completes the "professional look" of my setup. I feel like a kid in a candy store! "    Edward "em³" Manuel / Calumet City, IL

"I wasn't sure how to start such a project. After I found diy online, I was amazed at how it was possible to build such cases because they look so complex and fancy. But I was able to build a great case thanks yo diy and there help. "     Kenton Beemer / Tracy, CA

"I look very much on the internet for how to make a case and I find this site and I now can build my case and I not have problem doing it. They show you and answer any question to keep you knowing what to do. "     Otmund Pranton / Goteborg, Sweden

"There are a lote of how-to videos online. Most are half-assed and some are decent. But DIY road cases covers so much material whether its video or printed material and help files. its almost overwhelming but so helpful because theres nothing that isn't covered somehwre on their sites. I highly recommend them if your gonna build cases. "     Jeff Kotche / Virgil, SD

"Don't waste your time with all the self help vides on youtube by people that dont know how to teach stuff. I learned more here in 30 minutes than surfing youtube for 3 or 4 hours. "     Clint Allen / Fall River , KS

"Many cases build fancy and too expensive but I build mine with these people and not too much money and is good. I must make more cases now because I know how. "     Javier Rubio / Manaus, Brazil

"I bought cases before and they are NOT cheap. I needed more so I was looking on the web for companies to see if I could find better priced cases. I stumbled across DIY Cases and was amazed to find that I could build these things for way cheaper than buying hem from case companies and my cases are just as good so I saved money ut still have great cases. I am so glad I found tham and am going to tell everyone I know that needs cases.Thank you!!!!!. "     Kevin Craft / Anderson, IN

"I cant say the name of the company that I work for because we don't want to offend any of the case companies that we have purchased from in the past. However, we are a major production company and have our own shop that we utilize for our operations. We found DIY Road Cases and figured that we should just be building our own cases instead of buying them from case companies. After all, we have a shop for all of our other purposes, so why not add case buildin to our roster of projects. We have saved ourselves over $6K this year in building our own cases as opposed to what it would have cost to purchase them. Our clients are extremely happy with the quality of our cases and we love the dollar savings for improving our bottom line! "     Brent / USA

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